Baby Food Storage Container

210ml + 280ml / Warm and Cold Reserving Pack

The Mother-K Food Container Set is BPA-free and best travel and outdoor activities as each container is made from the clear, light and durable Tritan material.  Keep your baby’s food fresh and warm pack longer with its special insulation pack.
  • Keep freshness and warmth longer with special MOTHER-K Insulation pack
  • MAX 210ml * 1ea / MAX 280ml * 1ea / Insulation pack * 1ea
  • Tritan Material - New material with both glass transparency and plastic lightness
  • Available for freezing and microwave.
  • It is a mixer container made of eco-friendly new material that combines the advantages of transparent glass and unbreakable plastic.
  • It is safe to use because there is no bisphenol-A (BPA) which is a suspected substance of environmental hormone.


    1) Safety: No harmful environmental hormones.
    2) Durability: Because it is strong against impact, it does not scratch well and can use dishwasher.
    3) Heat resistance: It is not easily deformed by heat, so it can disinfect hot water and warm up microwave.

    *Insulation Pack*

    *Using in the freezer:

    1) After washing cleanly, put it in freezer and freeze.
    2) Remove the frozen pack from the freezer and attach it to the lid.
    3) Keep your baby food fresh on a hot summer day (lasting about 5 hours cold)

    *Using in the microwave:

    1) After washing cleanly, put it in microwave and heat it.
    2) Please heat in the microwave for 13 seconds. (Over heating may cause deformation.)
    3) Remove the heated pack from the microwave and attach it to the lid.
    4) You can keep your baby food warm (keep it warm for about 2 hours)