K-MOM Zero-Dust Stain Remover


Why choose a K-MOM Zero-Dust stain remover? A tool for removing stains without any hassle and reducing the number of daily washings. With plant active substances-non-irritating herbal extracts used. -Unused petroleum products. The desire of each mother is to give your child the best of all! Instruction on how to remove stains: About 8 Spray 1 sq. m. M 1. Spray well to moisten stains. 2. Rub the stain by hand. 3. Depending on the spots, leave for 1-5 to penetrate the cleanmeter. 4. Wash with detergent or clean with a damp cloth. Where to use?

  • When handling the house: Clean furniture, carpets, table linen, bedding (items that can not be washed frequently).
  • Under the supervision of baby items: wheelchairs, reusable earrings, underwear, bibs, socks, etc.
  • Caring for adult clothes: light shirts, their cuff, removing lipstick, coffee stains, etc.