Stelatria Purifying Recovery Cream 40ml
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Stelatria Purifying Recovery Cream 40ml


Irritated Skin, Healing Cream, Fragrance Free

Face and body healing cream for  IRRITATED AREAS, minor skin irritations, including insect bites, chicken pox marks, minor cuts and scratches.
Soothes irritation. Apply at least two to three times a day on the affected area, or as often as needed.
Repairs the skin.
Helps rebalance the skin flora.

Natural active ingredient: BioEcolia®


STELATRIA® Purifying recovery cream has been specially formulated for the skin of newborns, babies and young children. It has been designed to soothe localised irritations and redness which can lead to the spread of bacteria (face and body), such as:

  • Irritations resulting from external factors: (around the mouth, lips, some, chapping, dry patches, skin-fold irritations (neck, ears, etc.).
  • Changes resulting from superficial skin damage:minor injuries, scratches, chickenpox scars, insect bites, and burns

STELATRIA® Purifying recovery cream effectively repairs these irritations thanks to its innovative natural-origin active ingredients:

  • Cellular renewal is stimulated and skin repair is accelerated by itscomplex of micro-nutrients (copper – zinc – manganese).
  • The risks of any bacteria spreading are reducedand the skin is purified by copper, zinc and BioEcolia®, a patented natural-origin active ingredient which helps maintain the skin’s protective flora.
  • Pulling sensations are reducedthanks to the soothing properties of glycine.
  • Its long-lasting hydrating formulaleaves a protective film on the skin.

Over time, these irritations gradually fade. The skin regains its suppleness and balance.




Efficacy test carried out under pediatric and dermatological control on 119 children over a period of 10 days:

  • The product reduces itching: 86%
  • The product speeds up skin repair: 87%
  • The product improves the appearance of repaired skin: 84%
  • The product reduces irritation: 89%